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I was fortunate enough to participate within a group exhibition known as REIMAGINE in Lexington, KY.

Founder of the project, Lori Barnett, collects artwork from multiple grade-school children from different schools to be used as the inspiration for the pieces created. After the inspiration piece is chosen by the participating artists, we create a work that will be auctioned to benefit funds relating to public school arts. 

As a future art educator, I place an invaluable importance on children's artwork. This project allows children's art to be displayed within a formal gallery setting, thus glorifying their creativity and wonder.  

To learn more about The Creative Alliance and REIMAGINE, please visit their website at: Creative Alliance for Arts Education 

The image above is the drawing I chose created by a grade-school child. The image on the right is my re-imagined version of their piece.


I chose this image because the simplicity in line paired with the complexity in composition provided my eye with inspiration and intrigue. What is depicted isn't so clear that I became fixated on one type of image, but instead pondered what from this could be imagined. This child was able to use the most basic elements and principals to create something open-ended and visually striking. This to me was very exciting, but also challenging; a great combination.

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